Feb 16, 2019

S1 E6 - ‘Helios 685′

Oh, so THAT's what all the fuss was about. The Travelers are here to solve our little asteroid problem -- at peril of their own existence. Aw, you guys are the swellest!


Feb 9, 2019

Bonus Episode: Gone Too Soon

Say it ain't so, Netflix! Join us for a special episode as we mourn the loss of Travelers (but celebrate getting three complete seasons) and talk about other shows that were canceled too soon. And don't worry: We're not ending the podcast just because the show has ended!


Feb 2, 2019

S1 E5 - ‘Room 101′

"Freaky," "chilling," "heartbreaking" and "occasionally hilarious" (Trevor!) are just a few of the ways we'd describe this bonkers episode...which you need to go back and watch again after diving into season two.


Jan 27, 2019

S1 E4 - ‘Hall’

Welcome to rogue nation. Turns out not every team is playing by the rules. But it's a good opportunity for us to learn some new protocols -- and figure out Hall is really a villain or not.


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Jan 19, 2019

S1 E3 - ‘Aleksander’

Philip is experiencing a weird kind of survivor guilt -- as in, "I'll make up a mission so a little kid can survive." Meanwhile, Trevor ends the episode in awesome cliffhanger style: "I know this person." Ahhh! Who is it?? (Sorry, we're not going to find out anytime soon.)


Jan 12, 2019

S1 E2 - ‘Protocol 6′ with special guest Leah Cairns!

It's the team's first official mission. Nothing major... just prevent a catastrophic antimatter explosion! Also, we have a delightful chat with the delightful Leah Cairns, otherwise known as Kat MacLaren. (Of course, she'll always be Racetrack to us.)


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Jan 5, 2019

S1 E1 - ‘Pilot’

Welcome to 21st! And to the first official episode of Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast. Join us as we dive into one of the best pilots ever for one of the most binge-worthy shows ever.


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Dec 17, 2018

Episode 0 - It’s About Time with special guest Brad Wright!

Before we jump into S1 E1 of the Travelers TV show, we thought we'd talk about some of our other favorite time travel-themed TV shows, books and movies. So join us for that lively conversation, followed by a fantastic interview with Travelers creator Brad Wright! (Spoiler alert: Although nothing specific about S3 is revealed, we do talk at length about one S2 episode and other specifics regarding the entire series.)


Nov 29, 2018

Welcome to Protocol 1!

Welcome to Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast. We're Dave Johnson and Rick Broida -- longtime friends, writers, and sci-fi nerds -- and we're here to dissect every episode of the amazing Netflix series. (If our names sound familiar, perhaps you're thinking of our mega-popular first podcast, Battlestar Recaptica?) Here's a quick intro to tide you ever until our first official episodes, which are coming soon!